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Welcome to our site Hoshi,
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Welcome to our site Hoshi,
if you need help simply reply to this message,
we are online and ready to help.

Why Not To Make a Fake Salary Slip

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Google has established itself as the most reliable source for finding solutions to any difficulty on the planet. Its clever and secret algorithms can retrieve the most relevant responses to any query from its massive database.

Google has made significant technical breakthroughs to their search engine, which are so powerful that they can expose numerous essential search keywords used by their users, as well as their trend over time and the most commonly searched terms connected to that term. Furthermore, these search terms can assist enterprises or individuals in making business decisions, saving time typing, and so on.

However, these terms might sometimes expose the risks that people take. "Fake salary slip" is one such word. If you type this keyword into the Google search box, it will return a list of similar Google searches.



Fake salary slips can have dire consequences such as legal action, job loss, no credit, visa problem, fake salary slip punishment, passport problem and blacklisted pan card. There are many reasons why the employees choose to fake a salary slip, but two of them could be highly possible and common for the cause.

Loan applicants require to submit a salary slip as document proof to get a personal loan, home loan, car loan, credit cards, etc. from the financial institutions. A salary slip is mandatory as it evaluates the repayment capacity of the applicant and eliminates the chances of a payment default. Some companies do not at all provide a salary slip and give the salary in cash to the employees.

The employees who do not get a salary slip usually get the help of Google and generate a fake salary slip to get the credit amount as per their requirements in the scenario of crisis and needs. Here, the employer is at fault for the failure of providing a salary slip which is a mandatory document to get a loan.

Another scenario where the individual might use google to generate a fake salary slip is when the income is less than the required loan amount. For example, if an individual with a salary of INR 10,000 per month requires a personal loan of INR 5,00,000, but the eligibility for the loan amount is INR 20,000 per month, then the individual might turn to unethical ways of generating forged salary slip to get through the process.

Alternatives or Solutions


Individuals can opt for other options such as offer letters, monthly cheques, bank statements, an official letter from the employer stating the salary or Income Tax (IT) return to get the loan. Credit can also be availed off against fixed deposits, LIC policies and shares. These documents are perfect to use as document proof in replacement of salary slips.

Even if the individual generates the salary slip using online tools, the online service provider would not be blamed, and the accountability has to be automatically on the individual who has generated the salary slip. So it is better to take the necessary measures by utilising the right alternatives, which are much safer and can ensure no turmoils in terms of obtaining a loan.

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